The Ultimate Guide to Colored Diamonds

Creating a customized gift of jewelry can start with selecting a unique stone and gems. While diamonds are always a girl’s best friend, diamonds in unique colors can be a fun way to amp up a special gift of jewelry. Natural diamonds in colors are a unique part of the stone world. There are also color-enhanced diamonds that can add pop to any piece. Here we look at some of the cool colors that your diamonds can sparkle in as part of your next new piece of jewelry.

Pink: What is more feminine than the soft color of pink? Or more fun than the punch of a bright raspberry? Pink diamonds are rare and not typically found in mines throughout the world.

Orange: This color is a very rare diamond. It is an elusive find out in diamond mines. The shade is a vibrant way to see a sparkle.

Yellow: From pale to bright, yellow is a diamond color that is most widely known and seen among the rich and famous who shine on the red carpet at events. Yellow diamonds have a special way of capturing and displaying light as it glows throughout the stone. 

Green: This shade of diamond is another rare offering. There are only a few that are part of the market each year and they range in color from light to dark shades and along the spectrum.

Blue: The second rarest of the colored diamonds is the blue diamond. Blue diamonds have a tradition of sea meets sky and are seen as a powerful color.

Brown: A neutral offering, the brown diamond is a way to add a little color without being overpowering. Brown diamonds are a timeless way to go beyond just a regular diamond as they are considered a classic choice for added color.  

Jewelry Designed for You, By You

At Brad’s Designs & Jewelry, we can discuss your stone options, from diamonds to gems and beyond. Creating a unique, customized gift can be daunting, so we have created a step-by-step process to help you throughout from the beginning to the end. If you are considering colored diamonds as part of your piece, we can discuss your options. We will begin with a discussion at our initial consultation. We want to hear the story behind your gift. This will help us truly customize your design. Next, we will incorporate your ideas, sketches, pictures and more into an initial sketch. A wax carving brings your ideas into 3D before we cast your piece in your choice of material. The fabrication is completed by hand as well as the setting of your stones. 

Get Going on Your Custom Piece of Jewelry

We are honored to serve our community members for more than 30 years. Our team at Brad’s Designs & Jewelry can assist with putting together a new piece, repairing your damaged items, cleaning or purchasing your unwanted gold pieces. Reach out with questions through our online contact form

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