How Do Jewelers Resize a Ring?

For comfort, you want your ring or the ring of your loved ones to fit just right. If you are giving a ring as a gift, it can be hard to know the exact size without having the person’s finger measured. If you have an old ring that is being passed down as an heirloom, it will probably need to be resized as well. Or if your fingers have changed over the years, you may need an updated fit. No matter the “why” behind the need for resizing a ring, here is the breakdown on how it is done.

A Smaller Size is Needed

Walking around with a ring that is too loose can be worrisome as it can fall off and be lost. When a ring needs to be resized to a smaller loop, our professional team of jewelry experts at Brad’s Designs & Jewelry will cut the needed amount out of the material. This is an intricate process that needs to be performed carefully in order to ensure that the integrity of the ring is maintained. As we have decades of experience with hands-on work, we understand how to work with metals and stones and mold them carefully. 

When a ring is sized down, the metal will be heated to just the right temperature after the cut and reformed into a perfect loop. You want to have the circle just right as it was before it was manipulated into a new circle. The perfect temperature is vital to keep the chemical properties of the metal just right while also being able to be formed and moved. After it is the right size, it will be cleaned from any oxidation that may have happened during this process.

A Larger Size is Needed

Depending on how much the ring needs to go up in size, there are a couple techniques that can be applied. A half-size larger can be obtained by stretching the ring out or by shaving some of the gold, platinum or silver from the inside to make it thinner. If the ring needs to be larger than a half size, then we will need to add additional material by cutting the ring, adding the amount needed and soldering it back together. 

We will take the time to ensure that there is another perfect circle and that your ring is polished and cleaned to wipe away traces of making the ring larger. Platinum, gold and silver or a combination of these three can allow for resizing as they are malleable materials when heated and can be reshaped and rehardened.

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