Wedding Band Trends for 2022

While the engagement ring gets all of the attention, your wedding bands are also an important pick and should encompass your style, love story and more! Your wedding bands symbolize your new bond as a married couple and can shine just as much as the engagement ring. 

Here are some trends for wedding bands in 2022 that can help guide your decision-making:

Mindful mining: As awareness of diamond sources becomes more prevalent, more couples are turning to lab-grown diamonds to be included in any setting. Ethical wedding rings are in the spotlight as the world understands how the traditional way of mining diamonds may not be environmentally friendly and how workers have been treated in countries across the world.

A rainbow of color: Couples are seeing colored stones as an alternative or addition to their wedding rings. It is a way to add flair and a uniqueness that goes beyond the sparkle of just diamonds.

Symbols of devotion: Along with selecting stones outside of diamonds, sapphires are having a moment. The stones are available in a range of hues and represent love and faithfulness. They tend to be affordable and durable to help stand the test of time to the daily wear and tear that rings face on your finger.

Togetherness: Clustering stones can add extra sophistication and more sparkle with a stronger impact. This trend allows for versatility, elegance and individuality.

A new shape: Oval is having a moment. Oval-cut stones tend to be less expensive than round and offer an elongated look and symmetrical shape. 

Complementary styles: While couples may focus on the engagement ring as the shining star, trending is making sure that the wedding band is paired properly and beautifully with the engagement ring. Thinking ahead to what the wedding rings will look like is an important part of the design and decision process when you are selecting your engagement ring.

What’s old is new: Just like other trends and styles, couples are embracing the look of vintage rings. A classic vintage ring is a beautiful way to embrace the past in the present. While some couples may search for an heirloom piece,  you can work on your own design and setting that represents a more heirloom look. 

Create Customized Wedding Bands to Celebrate Your Story

At Brad’s Designs & Jewelry, we work through a design process that will create a ring that will truly encapsulate your individual love story. We begin with a conversation to understand where you are coming from, and our team will sketch a design and have you along every step of the way to ensure it is exactly what you are hoping for. After your pieces are designed and created, we can assist with keeping them at their best through maintenance, cleaning and repairs. Connect with us through our online contact form if you have any questions.

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