Tips for Selling Gold

Gold has held value for years and years – plus it is a beautiful precious metal that has had its moment in the jewelry industry over and over again. But sometimes, there are old pieces of jewelry that you do not want anymore – whether due to a break-up, change in style or loss of sentimental value. That is when our team at Brad’s Designs & Jewelry comes in to take the old gold off of your hands. We continue to purchase your old gold jewelry that you are ready to turn into cash. 

Here are some of our key tips when it comes to selling your old gold:

  • Think it over: Always take the time to really consider if you want to let go of your jewelry. If there is any sentimental value at all, it can be a decision that you regret later on. The ideal gold to sell includes broken jewelry that you do not want to repair, an earring that is solo or anything that is truly outdated. We can discuss your options to possibly repair your piece if you are not 100% sure about selling it. Our experts can re-prong your stones or resize rings that do not fit anymore.
  • Antique appraisals: If you want to get the most money, you should have any antique pieces appraised to see what the value is as an intact item vs. selling it for its gold component. Depending on the item, you could make more money one way vs. the other.
  • A question of karats: Understand how gold works, so you will be better equipped when you go to sell your gold. Most jewelry is a mix of gold and other alloys and gold is categorized as 10-, 14- or 18-karat. You are only paid for the amount of pure gold that is part of your particular piece of jewelry.
  • Reputation matters: Be mindful of who you are selling your gold to in order to receive a fair price. Our team at Brad’s has been around the jewelry world for decades, and we will take care of you and be fair.
  • Stay rooted in reality: Do not expect to retire on what you make selling gold! We all feel our belongings are worth a lot, but we work in reality, not in emotions. Gold jewelry is paid on what the current price of gold is and how much there is in weight and purity in your piece.

Give Old Gold a New Life

When you sell your unwanted jewelry, you clean out your jewelry box, make some money and give new life to your old alloy. Our team enjoys creating beautiful works of art that can be worn daily and that represent a story of love, devotion, achievement, friendship and beyond. Our process takes you step by step from inspiration to finished product. We complete many steps by hand along with the use of technology. Contact our team with questions through our online contact form.

Create Something Beautiful

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