How to Properly Care for Your Custom Jewelry Piece

Your custom jewelry created by our team at Brad’s Designs & Jewelry is special and unique. Taking care of it throughout the years will ensure that it is around for your children and grandchildren as part of your family’s story. These special pieces need special attention.

As daily wear can cause issues to your pieces, follow our tips to help them last.

Watch where you wear it: You love your jewelry and want to wear it every day! But there are instances and places where you should take off your ring or earrings to help preserve them. Do not swim or shower in your custom jewelry as chlorine and consistent water exposure can affect your metals and stones. Do not have your jewelry on when you are applying lotion, sunscreen or hair spray.

Store carefully: Your custom pieces need a special spot to rest when you are not wearing them. If you pile them up together, they can become scratched, tangled or damaged. A jewelry tree can help organize your necklaces and earrings and cloth pouches can store your rings or earrings.

Gentle touch: Using a soft cloth is best to wipe away any dust or dirt that has built up. Mild dish soap in warm water can help work out the more built up stuff that is encrusted in your jewelry. Do not use a scrub brush or any hard sponge to work on your jewelry as it can cause scratches. Thoroughly dry your custom pieces after you wash them, so that there is no water or soap residue left behind.

Ask questions: If you are not sure about what material some of your pieces are made of, ask a professional jeweler to receive guidance on how best to clean and keep your jewelry shining. When you have jewelry that has a mix of stones and metals, you need to be mindful of all of these to ensure you do not scratch or damage the individual components.

Our Team Can Help Your Jewelry Live Longer

At Brad’s Designs & Jewelry, we offer jewelry services beyond creation. We can help you maintain your pieces by reviewing their condition to see if there are any issues, such as loose stones. We can repair broken clasps, solder chains or rings, fix your watch, replace your stone if it is lost or damaged or re-tip the prongs that keep your precious gems in place. If you need a ring re-sized, we can help with that as well. By keeping your pieces at their best, you can pass them along to your loved ones to enjoy for years to come. Contact us through our online contact form with questions or to begin designing a new custom piece. We begin with your story as inspiration and use innovation and hands-on techniques to fashion beautiful custom jewelry for you.

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