Health Benefits of Wearing Gold Jewelry

Gold has been glimmering around our necks, wrists and fingers for centuries. At first, gold was put into place as a way to create jewelry and idols until it was seen as valuable during the ancient empires of Egypt as a source of monetary exchanges. Today, there are many beautiful benefits to wearing gold jewelry.

Boost in mood: We all know that looking good can really help us feel good and ignite a spark of positivity around us. By wearing your favorite gold pieces, you will have a happy attitude that will radiate from you throughout the day. Customizing unique pieces just for you will take this feeling to another level. Our Brad’s Designs & Jewelry team can take you through the process of starting with an idea or story and designing a ring, bracelet, necklace or pair of earrings that is just for you or your loved one.

Steady temperature: Gold has been known to assist with regulating body temperature due to its properties that can relax blood vessels and allow for better blood flow. This can in turn boost circulation, regulate oxygen in your body and help boost your body’s natural healing ability. Menopausal symptoms, such as hot flashes, can be addressed with gold as an alternative treatment.

Skin Assistance: Another intriguing effect of gold is on the skin. Gold has been shown to help with cell stimulation and elasticity. As it can also help with blood flow, that can also benefit the skin to help boost circulation and the look of your skin as well as help with reactions that manifest in your skin. This is why you can find gold as an ingredient in skin treatments. There have also been benefits for arthritis sufferers who have worn gold jewelry as an alternative type of treatment.

No Matter What Jewelry Looks Great

Beyond any health benefits, jewelry in general is just an easy way to look your best every day. When you are able to showcase your own personal pieces that have been designed just for you, you will be even happier. At our place, we will discuss with you what you are looking for and help you put together a design plan to make it happen. We complete many of our design steps by hand in order to control the craftsmanship and uniqueness of each and every piece. Our team is also available to help you keep your jewelry looking its best no matter what it is made of. We can inspect and clean your jewelry to ensure that they last a lifetime for you and the next generation. We can perform repairs as needed, including soldering necklaces and retipping your rings, which makes sure your stones stay in place.

When you are ready to start wearing some unique gold jewelry for all of the benefits, connect with us through our online contact form.

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