Five Reasons to Shop for Jewelry in Person, Not Online

As a tech-connected society, we can buy literally everything online – from cars and furniture to clothes and groceries. While there are many areas of our lives that have been helped by online shopping, there are some purchases that are still done best in person. One is buying a special piece of jewelry for your loved one. 

Check out why visiting our store in the Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana region is still the best way to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, graduation and any special occasion.

1. While pictures can give you a glimpse into what something looks like, it can be hard to really see what a necklace or ring is truly like unless you can see it up close and personal. With lighting, photoshopping and presentation done in a studio, the jewelry may not look the same in real life as it is represented in a photo. No picture can replace the hands-on experience of holding and trying on a potential purchase.

2. Online jewelry websites are faceless. At Brad’s Designs & Jewelry, our owner, Brad Belush, is behind the expertise that is available at our shop. He has years of experience in the field and a passion for helping every person who walks through the door. He can answer your questions and be a personal expert.

3. Unfortunately, online can mean scams. In order to not fall into a trap of purchasing something that is not what is represented, it is best to see what you are buying first-hand. There are countless scam sites and fake jewelry out in the world. Do not become a victim. Come out and shop at our store.

4. If you are purchasing a possible heirloom jewelry piece, how wonderful is it to have a story to go along with it. You can pass along that it was a sentimental hands-on process that you went through with our owner and team to create a customized jewelry piece. We will begin with a conversation on what you are celebrating and who the gift is for. This will help lead us along the path to either what we have available or to putting together a tailored ring, necklace, bracelet or earrings for your loved one.

5. Browsing online for such a personal piece can cause you to get in a rut and fall into the old standby of what you always purchase. Jewelry should be fun and exciting and sparkle with your personality. By being in person to shop for or create a new piece, you can really look at what is available out there and walk out with the perfect present for you or your loved one.

Our Team is Here for Your Jewelry Shopping

Remember when shopping was fun? We can make it that way again by helping you with your jewelry purchase. If you have any questions, connect with our team anytime via our online contact form.

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