Diamond Shapes & How They Affect Value

Determining the value of a diamond can be tricky. Typically, experts take into consideration the four C’s when estimating a value on a diamond. The four C’s include: carat, clarity, color and cut. While the cut is important, so is the shape of the diamond, which is different. Here we look at the shape of diamonds and how they may affect how much you spend on your diamond jewelry or how much you can sell it for.

A Diamond’s Cut Vs. Shape: What is the Difference?

Even though the terms sound similar, they refer to two different aspects of your diamond. The shape is the geometrical form of the diamond, such as square or round. The cut of the diamond refers to the unique facets that reflect light that is special to each and every diamond and creates the shine and sparkle that we all love about diamonds. This characteristic of sparkle and shine is why a diamond’s cut affects value. No one wants a dull diamond that does not catch light and spur sparkles. Professional experts can determine if a diamond is cut fair, good, very good or excellent. 

Coupled with the diamond’s cut value is its value based on shape. Here are some examples of diamond shapes that you will find on the market: round, cushion, princess, heart, pear, emerald, oval and marquise. The most popular of these as it reflects that most light is the round diamond shape. Any shape other than round is considered fancy and the top fancy shape is the princess, which is a square with four pointed corners. 

The Value of Round

Round diamonds continue to be considered the most valuable as they are the most popular and hold their value better than other shapes. If you are wanting a custom look and value does not factor in too high, then it would be fun and unique to pick another shape of diamond. If you want to put together an heirloom piece for generations, the value of a round diamond shape is important. The round shape reflects light better offering more of the sparkle that we all seek. Also, round diamonds are from more raw material. A round-shaped diamond also has more value due to the fact that it is able to be cut more precisely than a princess shape.

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