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Sell Jewelry in Crown Point, Create New Pieces

At Brad’s Designs & Jewelry, creating jewelry is truly an art form. Owner Brad Belush has more than 30 years of expertise built up in the industry and understands the passion behind each individual piece. Our mission is to put together bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings that will be part of families for generations. We also strive to capture the stories of love, celebration and ties that bind families year after year. The process of creating jewelry is a personal one that helps our customers better connect to the final results and provide a place for them to share their own ideas and inspirations. 

Sell Pieces in Crown Point to Clear Out Your Jewelry Box

Our team can help take that old gold off your hands! We know how trends come and go or maybe it is an old gift from a former significant other, either way, we will buy any of your gold pieces from you. We will purchase necklaces, rings or bracelets and turn them into something new. Old gold is recycled at our place by being crafted into a beautiful new piece. We will pay you cash for your old gold pieces or turn them around into something brand new.

Pricing gold is based on a piece’s weight and purity. We examine it carefully to determine what we can give you for your old items. Purity is how concentrated your item is and whether or not it has a mix of other metals. Due to gold’s softness, we can repurpose your old rings or bracelets into something brand new, if that is what you prefer. Our custom design process is the same, even when we begin with your old gold.

Follow the Process after You Sell Jewelry in Crown Point

Whether we are starting from your old gold or a fresh slate, our design procedures begin with a conversation to understand your story and how we can best represent it. We encourage you to bring in any of your own sketches, pieces that inspire you or pictures of what you like to help us grasp your ideas and translate them into a new design. We will sketch it out for you to approve before we move on to the next step. A wax carving will be formed with our machine and also by hand, so you can have a 3-D idea of what your final piece will look like when it is done. 

Next, we cast it in the material of your choice, such as gold, platinum, silver or a mix of these. The fabrication step is done by hand and helps us control quality and craft unique pieces. When we set your stone, it is secured and ready for you to wear!

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