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To become an expert in any field, you have to put in the time, effort and work ethic year after year. At Brad’s Designs & Jewelry, we are proud to continue the tradition of excellence that we first started with more than 30 years ago. We have been able to build on a professional reputation garnered through hands-on craftsmanship and an eye for detail. We have the skills and ability to create the jewelry that you have been dreaming of for yourself or your loved one. We truly feel that a story is part of the process and it has always been our passion to work one-on-one with our clients to unlock that story and recreate it through the art of jewelry design. Brad has been at the helm of this journey since Day One, designing beautiful and intricate pieces that will spark memories for generations and generations.

Sell Gold Jewelry Near Me and So Much More

When you are looking to create a unique jewelry item, stop in to discuss what you want completed. We have a process in place to lead to the ideal necklace, bracelet, ring or earrings for you or someone special. We begin with a conversation to draw out what your own personal story is, so we can integrate that into the jewelry as well as connect our passion with your tale. Once our consultation is complete, we will work on a design for you to review. To help us capture your ideas, we welcome any pictures, jewelry or sketches to guide us in the right direction. We value your input and it is critical to the process at this stage.

We now can put together a wax carving, so you can see our idea in 3-D. Our skills go toward crafting a wax carving by hand or we use our innovative machine. Once you give us a thumbs up, we proceed to the casting phase. We utilize whatever material you have selected: gold, platinum, silver or a combination. Next, we fabricate your jewelry by hand and set your chosen stone as the final touch.

Sell Gold Jewelry Near Me, Repair Pieces

Beyond creating something new, we can help preserve your precious pieces. We provide jewelry repair services, such as replacing broken clasps, soldering pieces, replacing stones and fixing, securing and retipping prongs that keep jewels in place. We can also help with watch repairs, resizing of rings and cleaning all of your pieces.

When we clean your items, we examine them thoroughly and point out any pending issues that we see, so you can take care of them before the damage even occurs. You will leave with a sparkling and shining piece. 

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