Schererville Jewelers

Schererville Jewelers

For those in search of a trusted Schererville jeweler, look no further than Brad’s Designs & Jewelry. Our shop was founded on the cornerstone of fine jewelry for over three decades, serving customers locally and beyond. Founded by the talented Brad Belush, we have earned a reputation for creating exquisite, meaningful pieces that tell a story, enhancing the intrinsic value of precious metals, diamonds, and gemstones.

A Story of Craftsmanship and Personal Connection

Brad, the creative force behind Brad’s Designs & Jewelry, is not just a designer but a storyteller who channels his passion into each piece he crafts. His love for his craft sets him apart from other jewelers in Schererville, making him an artist in his own right. Brad’s commitment to quality craftsmanship and his dedication to building long-term relationships with customers is what makes Brad’s Designs & Jewelry more than just a jewelry store—it’s a place where unique design meets personal significance.

Custom Jewelry

Choosing custom jewelry with Brad’s Designs & Jewelry isn’t just about acquiring a new piece for your collection; it’s an intimate process of bringing your personal narrative to life through precious metals and gemstones. Every custom piece tells a story—your story—making it infinitely more meaningful and unique than any off-the-shelf item could possibly be. Imagine wearing a piece that captures the essence of a cherished memory, celebrates an achievement, or symbolizes a deep personal belief. That’s the beauty of custom jewelry; it connects on a level that is both profound and intimate. And with Brad’s unwavering dedication to quality and craftsmanship, coupled with his passion for storytelling through jewelry design, you’re guaranteed a piece that not only looks magnificent but also holds deep personal significance. 

Our Process

Brad’s Designs & Jewelry offers an array of services tailored to meet every customer’s needs. The journey towards owning a piece of Brad’s masterpieces begins with a personalized consultation. Here, your story and design preferences are heard, forming the foundation for the creation of your unique piece. You are encouraged to participate in the design phase, providing inspiration and feedback to ensure that the final product exceeds your expectations.

Once the design is approved, a wax carving is made to ensure accuracy before proceeding. Your piece is then cast in your choice of material—platinum, gold, silver, or metal—befitting your style and budget. Every step of the fabrication and setting process is done by hand, ensuring a level of quality and uniqueness that’s hard to match. 

Services Offered

But the services don’t end there. Beyond crafting beautiful pieces, we also buy and sell jewelry, offering you a wide selection of stunning pieces to choose from or the opportunity to find a new home for your pre-loved items. 

We also offer expert jewelry repair services. Whether it’s a precious heirloom or a favorite everyday piece, we treat each item with the utmost care, working meticulously to restore its beauty and function.

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Brad’s Designs & Jewelry is more than just a jeweler— we are your partner in creating lasting memories. With a warm, personal approach and a commitment to excellence, we are ready to help you find or create the perfect piece that tells your story. So whether you’re looking for an engagement ring that symbolizes your love or a necklace that adds a touch of elegance to your evening attire, Brad’s Designs & Jewelry is the Schererville jeweler you can trust. Let us be a part of your journey to finding or creating a piece of jewelry that becomes priceless in your life.

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