Schererville Custom Rings

At Brad’s Designs and Jewelry, we take designing jewelry seriously. From the initial consultation, to the design revisions and consultations with the client, to the final product we seek to create custom jewelry that is as special as the person who wears it. Whether it is a custom ring, necklace, earrings, pendant or bracelet all of our designs incorporate these 7 principles of jewelry design to create a beautiful, balanced piece you will treasure forever:

7 Principles of Design for Jewelry-Making Inspiration:

  • Balancerefers to the distribution of the visual weights of materials, colors, texture and space in jewelry designs.
  • Emphasis refers to the main focus the jewelry design. This may be a center stone that stands out and is different from the other elements in size, shape, color or texture.
  • Movement refers to how our eyes follow in a particular piece of jewelry. This is how the elements are arranged or repeated within a piece.
  • Proportion –  is when the color, size, and amount of the elements in a jewelry piece relate well with each other. Proportion is about the relationship of each part of the design to overall whole of the piece
  • Contrastis when elements play off of one another. This can be done using light and dark colors, or complementary colors to draw the eye to a particular area in a piece.
  • Unity is how all of the elements in a design work together as a whole.  All of the element’s parts need to fit together to make the piece work as a whole.
  • Harmony refers to how the different elements in a piece of jewelry relate to and complement each other.

Custom Rings for Generations

At Brad’s Designs and Jewelry, we seek to create pieces not just for today’s occasions but for future generations. Whether it is a custom ring that is passed down through the generations or a necklace, pendant or bracelet, we seek to create a piece which represents you. Our goal is to create meaningful pieces to celebrate the special occasion and people in your life now and in the future.

Custom Rings Crafted in Schererville with Skill & Precision

At Brad’s Designs and Jewelry, we strive to create a unique piece of art that reflects you.  While we know you are anxious to have your piece, we work diligently to ensure you have a one of a kind creation that reflects the quality craftsmanship and design you’d expect. We won’t shortchange your vision for a quick turnaround. So while it may be hard to wait, we know you will be ecstatic with the end result.  That is why we guarantee our work. We want to make you’re your custom piece is absolutely perfect. In the end, we promise you will love it. Contact us at 219-663-5801, so we can begin designing a piece that can last generations.

Create Something Beautiful

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