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Northwest Indiana Jewelry Store Celebrates Your Special Occasions

Expert hands are behind the beautiful pieces that you want to gift to your loved ones for any and all occasions! The Brad’s Designs & Jewelry team is behind hundreds of jewelry designs in the decades that it has been creating pieces. The process is special to owner Brad Belush as he is able to truly get a glimpse into the lives of his customers by hearing their stories and translating that into special, unique rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Following the process together helps create the best environment to capture the unique side of a design and bring it to life. 

Northwest Indiana Jewelry Store Behind Each Piece

Creating a priceless piece is the ultimate goal of the design process. The team wants you to be able to have jewelry that can be passed along through generations of your family. When you put the one-of-a-kind spin on jewelry, it can become an important component of your family’s tapestry. The first step is a conversation. Hearing the why will help us determine what will work best and how to bring your ideas to life through jewelry. Our consultation is a way to uncover the story and guide the design side of the creative process. Next up is the design phase where we welcome your own sketches, photos or anything that is a visual representation of what you are looking for.

We will take our conversation and sketch out what we hope you want your piece to look like. If we do not get it quite right, speak up and we will try again. Next, we mold a wax carving, so you can see your jewelry in a realistic way. We do this by hand or through our special machine. Casting occurs when we cast your necklace, ring or earrings in platinum, gold, silver or a combination that you have chosen. Our fabrication is also completed by hand as another way to create a truly unique gift. Finally, the setting of your selected stone tops off your jewelry design process.

Northwest Indiana Jewelry Store Helps Your Pieces Last

Repairs may be necessary as a way to keep your jewelry at its best. Everyday wear and tear can take its toll. Damage can cause panic, but we are here to help with our jewelry repair services. We can help with soldering your jewelry, stone replacement, replacing clasps that have broken or re-tipping prongs that keep stones or jewels in place. We can also fix your watches, clean your jewelry or resize rings so that they fit again or a new family member. 

Northwest Indiana Jewelry Store is a Special Way to Celebrate

Designing jewelry is an expression of love. We hope to go on this journey with you and help you tell the story of your family. Reach out to us today through our online contact form.  

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