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You have met your match and have decided that this is a love you want to keep around forever. Marriage is a big deal and when you have found that special someone who you love and want to spend every day with, it is a very memorable time for both of you. If you value tradition, the first item on the agenda is finding one of the best diamond engagement rings in Northwest Indiana.

There are so many jewelers in Northwest Indiana; it can be challenging to know who is the best. For the unique, individual engagement rings in Northwest Indiana, go to Brad’s Designs & Jewelry on Main Street in Crown Point. For over three decades, Brad Belush has been assisting clients as they create their special engagement rings for their beloved. His engagement rings are stunning and unique.

What Makes a Diamond Valuable?

Now that you know that you are going to go to Brad’s Designs & Jewelry on Main Street in Crown Point to look at engagement rings or create one yourself there, how do you know that the diamond you select is worth the cost? Jewelers say that when looking for a diamond, use the 4-C approach, which is cut, clarity, color, and carat. Here is more detailed information about diamonds:

Cut: The cut refers to the final shape of the diamond. If you want maximum light reflection, the cut should be proportional and symmetrical. The round cut will be most brilliant.
Clarity: Clarity refers to the diamond’s clearness. It is uncommon for a diamond to be flawless. All diamonds have some blemishes.
Color: Color refers to the natural tint found on the diamond. Most diamonds have a slight yellow or brown hue.
Carat: The carat refers to the actual weight of the diamond. Naturally then, the larger the diamond, the more carats it will be.

Now that you have an idea of what to look for in a diamond, you are sure to find or create one of the most beautiful diamond engagement rings in Northwest Indiana for your special someone. Brad from Brad’s Designs & Jewelry on Main Street in Crown Point will help you find the best diamond for the best price.

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If you want to create the engagement ring you plan to give to your special someone, visit us at Brad’s Designs & Jewelry on Main Street in Crown Point. Brad will help you every step of the way to create one of the unique engagement rings in Northwest Indiana. Next time you are near the square in Crown Point, you can visit us at Brad’s Designs & Jewelry on Main Street. Or call us directly at 219-663-5801, or use the contact us form found on our website.

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