Munster Custom Jewelry Design

Why Should I Choose Custom Jewelry Design?

Every piece of jewelry holds value, whether a loved one gifted it reminds you of a special time in your life, or is simply a beautiful piece to wear and admire. When you choose Munster custom jewelry design, though, you are increasing the value of your piece of jewelry in more ways than just one. 

  • Sentimental: A custom piece of jewelry holds significant sentimental value. Whether you gift a custom ring as an anniversary present, have a necklace pendant crafted to commemorate a special moment in life, or design a piece to honor a passed love one, custom jewelry design is truly a memorable and sentimental way to create a piece of jewelry.
  • Uniqueness: One of the most valuable aspects of Munster custom jewelry design is the fact that, whatever you decide to create, it will be 100% one-of-a-kind. At Brad’s, we draw inspiration from what you present to us, whether that be a loving story, a photo of nature or a piece that is already created. 
  • Quality: Custom jewelry has a significant advantage over mass-produced pieces; its unparalleled quality. At Brad’s, our jewelry is handcrafted and produced with the utmost attention to detail. Every piece is born from a love of the craft and dedication to delivering the best quality jewelry to each of our customers.
  • Personality: When you have jewelry designed for yourself or a loved one, you are infusing your personality into your piece. Munster custom jewelry design allows you to draw on elements of your interests, desires, and dreams and place them in a single piece of wearable art.

Our Trusted Design Process

Brad’s Designs & Jewelry did not become the trusted Munster custom jewelry design shop overnight. In order to deliver high-quality and unparalleled pieces of unique jewelry, Brad follows a tried and true design and fabrication process that allows us to pinpoint exactly what you’re looking for in your design. You can expect a few steps in this journey, including:

  • Consultation & Initial Design: Meet with Brad to share your ideas. He will then sketch out a tentative design. Once he gets your okay, we can begin the next step in the process.
  • Wax Carving & Metal Casting: Before we work on the real thing, Brad creates a wax carving to show what your piece will look like once completed. If you’re still okay with the 3D design, it’s time to choose your metal and casting will begin.
  • Fabrication & Stone Setting: Once cast, we can finish the fabrication of your piece by hand and set the stone or stones you’ve chosen. 

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