Lowell Custom Ring Design

Lowell Custom Ring Design

A ring is a special thing – a piece of jewelry that is somehow more than just that. Many rings are designed with a special someone in mind – the person you hope will wear the piece for the rest of their life – whether that means an engagement, marriage, or a heartwarming gift for another loved one. And while there are plenty of beautiful rings available through the thousands of jewelry vendors around the US, there’s nothing quite like the Lowell custom ring design offered by Brad’s Designs and Jewelry.

The Art of Customization

We live in an age of customization. Whether that means finding the perfect custom phone case, or getting a tattoo on your shoulder, people constantly find new and exciting ways to express themselves. And this mindset has become prevalent in gift-giving as well. People have always loved thoughtful gifts, and customizing the perfect item for your friend or loved one shows who much you know them and their tastes. And there are few more important gifts than wedding or engagement rings. Birthdays come every year, but your engagement or wedding is an incredibly rare and special occasion by all accounts. Every year, many soon-to-be spouses and fiancés stress over picking the perfect ring – one which displays an intimate knowledge of their partner’s taste and style, while also telling the story of their relationship. Balancing these two factors can be quite the task, especially when you leave creative control to a third party who has never met either of you. That’s where our Lowell custom ring design comes in.

A Well-Honed Process

When it comes to designing your ring, we want the finished product to be precisely that: your ring. To accomplish this, we have developed a process which maximizes your creative control, while leaving the technical ring-design steps to the expert team at Brad’s. Here is a brief overview of our process:

1)  Initial meeting – when you get in touch with us, we always like to meet with you face-to-face so we can discuss your initial ideas for the ring, and the story you would like your piece to tell. From there, we can give you an initial price and time estimate for your ring.

2)  Design – From here, we begin to draw up blueprints and plans for your eventual ring’s design. At Brad’s Designs and Jewelry, we make sure to include you throughout the Lowell custom ring design process, showing you our plans and designs every step of the way.

3)  Wax carving – Once we have settled on the perfect design for your ring, we’re almost ready to get started on it. First, though, we like to give you one last chance to make any small adjustments – while viewing a wax model of your ring. Our carvings take on the exact proportions of your actual ring, and you’ll be able to hold and examine the ring before it’s too late to make any changes.

4)  Ring Creation – Finally, it’s time to create your ring. From here, our team will create your ring using our fabrication, setting and design processes, letting the same team who worked with you to design your ring complete the process by hand.

Through this process, we make sure to maximize your involvement in the creation of your unique piece of jewelry. Your finished ring will have your own design thumbprint all over it, showing off your intimate knowledge of your relationship, and telling a story through your artistic design.

Contact Brad’s Designs and Jewelry

To get started on your own Lowell custom ring design journey, speak with the jewelry experts at Brad’s Designs and Jewelry today. We’re available to talk during regular work hours all week, and you can also leave your contact info and the best time to speak on our online contact form. We’re happy to review our design process, and why it’s perfect for telling the tale of your relationship.

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