Jewelry Store Near Hobart

Jewelry Store Near Hobart

Every piece of jewelry has a story. Your engagement ring might tell the tale of a happy couple deciding to settle down together after many years, or a love-at-first-sight encounter. Your necklace might bear the memory of a loved one who has passed, your bracelet might represent your love of freedom, or your earrings a sense of elegance and class. Whatever feelings, stories and memories you want to evoke, Brad’s Designs and Jewelry can help you pick out or create a unique piece that makes others want to know more. Stop into our jewelry store near Hobart and speak with Brad about designing your unique piece today, or check out our collection of pre-made pieces. Whichever route you take, you’ll find quality pieces at an affordable price, perfect for conveying your story.

Our Designs

It might be better to say “your designs,” as many people around Northwest Indiana opt to create their jewelry. Given this demand, we’ve created an incredibly effective design process which lets the customers take creative control. After all, while our team has decades of experience creating beautiful jewelry, we’ll never be able to tell your story as well as you can. With that in mind, our design process involves the customer, all the way until we start expertly casting the piece. That way, you have the chance to make any last-minute adjustments, and will even be given a wax replica of your piece to help you visualize the finished product. From the stone to the metals used in the piece, you’ll be able to choose and customize everything. In the meantime, our team will offer expert advice and suggestions for creating a more interesting and sturdy piece.

With all that said, you’ll also find several rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets in our Jewelry store near Hobart. Many customers have found the perfect piece from our in-house selection, without having to undergo the rigorous jewelry-creation process. Whichever path you choose, you can be certain you’ll end up with a piece that is elegant, sturdy and capable of telling your story.

Who Are We?

Brad Belush, the owner of Brad’s Designs and Jewelry, has created approachable, meaningful pieces of jewelry for over three decades. When opening up his jewelry store near Hobart, he wanted to create a space that would allow customers the freedom of expression that many larger stores refuse. After all, it is your piece of jewelry, evocative of your many valuable experiences. So why should the jeweler make you decide between pieces fabricated by someone you’ve never met?

Instead, Brad intends to work side-by-side with each customer, encouraging their artistic expression, and helping them create a piece that amazes friends, family and passersby alike, making them ask about the story behind each piece. Further, his shop is small and local, creating a sense of familiarity and trust between him and every person who walks through his doors. To learn more about Brad’s process, or about what makes this little shop the perfect destination for unique jewelry, speak with us today!

Contact Brad’s Designs and Jewelry

To reach our jewelry experts, give us a call at our jewelry shop near Hobart. You can also fill out one of our online contact forms, leaving your name and number so we can get in contact at your earliest convenience. Reach out today, and let your jewelry shine with the promise of a great story!

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