Jewelry Store Near Dyer

Jewelry Store Near Dyer

At Brad’s, we believe jewelry is more than a combination of rare metals and precious stones. In many cases, a beloved piece is closer to a memory, evoking some of the most treasured moments of your life in ornamental form. You might own a pendant which holds a reminder of the loved one who once owned it, or a unique, hand-designed engagement ring which still reminds you of your wedding day, though years have passed. The truth is, jewelry is a personal thing, more precious to you than to anyone else. The personal touch is what sets Brad’s Designs and Jewelry apart: our jewelry store near Dyer uses a process that lets people design their jewelry, creating a unique piece for themselves or others, a piece to remember.

Our Design Process

When you come into Brad’s to design your piece — whether you want an elegant necklace for Mothers’ Day, or an engagement ring perfect for that special someone — you’ll take part in a  process that is designed to give you creative control while we handle the technicals. Here’s how it works:

• Consultation: we get to know our clients before we take the first steps. During this stage, we’ll sit down and discuss the story of your piece, who it’s for, and what distinctive features you would like to include. 

• Next, we’ll create the initial design for your piece, doing our best to evoke the story behind the piece. Throughout this step, we encourage you to give us feedback and participate as much as you would like: after all, you know this person far better than we do!

• After we’ve settled on a design for your jewelry, we’ll do one more preliminary step — creating a wax replica of your eventual piece. That way, you can hold the model in your hand and look at the design from all angles before we begin creating it.

• Finally, we’ll take the reigns and create your jewelry, casting, fabricating and setting your design into reality. When casting, you will have the choice of several different precious and beautiful metals — or a combination of several. Meanwhile, both the fabrication and setting processes are completed by hand in the tradition of creating a piece with a personal touch.

By the time we’ve finished, you will have something that goes beyond simple jewelry. Instead, you will have a memory in solid form, a beautiful memento to someone you love. And whoever receives this gift will forever associate its unique design with the story that inspired its creation.

Speak With Brad Today

If you’re ready to embark on the next step, get in touch with the design team at Brad’s Designs and Jewelry. We’ve helped countless people around Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland add their personal touch to their jewelry, creating something that evokes their most prized memories. With our design process, you can experience this as well, giving a gift that will never be forgotten. You can reach Brad directly by calling our jewelry store near Dyer, or by reaching out on our website. We’re happy to set up an initial consultation, before helping you bring your memories to life.

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