Jewelry Repair Near Winfield

Like many people, you probably have a pile of jewelry that you have acquired over the years and never thought twice about it. If this sounds like your jewelry box, make it a point to take a few hours to see what you have forgotten about in that box. Some of the jewelry may need repair, and that is why it is still in the jewelry box. Most likely you will find a few pieces that are lovely and need a little TLC to look in tiptop shape Consider Brad’s Designs & Jewelry near Winfield for all your jewelry repair. He is a trusted jeweler who has repaired hundreds of pieces of jewelry for his many customers near Winfield.

Our Jewelry Repair and Maintenance Services

We have been helping our Winfield customers with jewelry repair for more than three decades. At Brad’s Designs & Jewelry, we can clean all types of jewelry, repair basic jewelry mishaps, restring pearls and restore jewelry that you thought was out of the question to be repaired. We are comfortable working with metals such as gold, silver, and platinum to silver. Regarding gemstones, we can fix chips and cracks too. We provide a full gamut of jewelry repair and maintenance services, including:

Chain Repair. A knotted chain can easily be fixed.

Clasp Repair. We can replace any clasps on your jewelry so you can wear your pieces confidently again.

Cleaning. We can clean any jewelry.

Loose Prongs. We can tighten and change prongs on your rings.

Pearl Restringing. If your strand of pearls has broken, we can restring them for you.

Polishing. We can polish your jewelry, so it looks good as new.

Ring Resizing. If you need to make your ring more substantial or smaller, most likely we can achieve it with no significant issues.

Soldering. We can solder any metal.

Stone Replacement. If your gem has fallen out and needs to be replaced, we can provide many options for you right in our store.

Watch Resizing. For wristbands that need links added or removed, our team of expert jewelers can take care of this no problem.

We Can Repair Jewelry Anytime

At Brad’s Designs & Jewelry, to get your jewelry repair done by experts, please bring in your jewelry to be repaired. We will examine the jewelry, and will then inform you of the repair timeframe and the cost. Our team has been in the jewelry repair business for over 30 years, and to be quite honest, there has not been much we have not seen. We are confident that we can repair your jewelry in a timely fashion at an affordable price.

Don’t wait another day. Call us directly at 219-663-5801 to set up an appointment to come into  Brad’s Designs & Jewelry, near Winfield You can also send us a message on our website.

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