Jewelry Repair Near St. John

If you wear the same ring, earrings, and bracelet just about every day, it is high time you had them looked at by a competent jeweler. A skilled jeweler will take a look at all your pieces of jewelry that you wear daily and will recommend repairs if necessary before any real damage is done to them. Like cars, appliances, and clothes, beloved jewelry will need repair one day too.

How Often Should Jewelry be Taken in for Maintenance?

Since you wear your wedding ring every day, that is 365 days or 8,760 hours of wear each year. That is a lot of time! Many top jewelers who specialize in jewelry repair, recommend having your jewelry looked at twice a year to avoid costly damage to your jewelry. Brad’s Designs and Jewelry near St. John has helped many area residents with jewelry repair. He often does the following:

Repair clasps on heirloom necklaces. Usually, the gold clasps on necklaces can wear down and break. At Brad’s Designs and Jewelry near St. John we can repair these type of clasps with great skill and precision.

Repair prongs on engagement rings. After many years of continual wear, the platinum prongs on your diamond engagement ring can break, and your diamond can become loose. Look to jewelry repair near St. John at Brad’s Designs and Jewelry to fix these prongs.

Repair chains on necklaces. Sometimes chains break if they get stuck in your hair or sweaters. We can repair or replace chains at Brad’s Designs and Jewelry.

Fix links on wristwatch bands. At Brad’s Designs and Jewelry near St. John we have successfully repaired wristwatch bands.

What Can I do to Keep My Jewelry in Mint Condition

If you want to keep your jewelry in the best condition possible to avoid constant jewelry repair, follow these guidelines:

Avoid the pool. Do not wear your jewelry in the pool. The chemicals will affect the metal and stones.

Separate your jewelry. To avoid jewelry repair, do not place all your jewelry in one big pile. By separating your jewelry, there will be fewer scratches on your pieces.

Use soap and water. To clean your metal jewelry, use soap and water and a soft cloth to shine the jewelry.

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Brad’s Designs and Jewelry is the place to go for jewelry repair near St. John. Your jewelry is unique to you, and we want to keep it that for you. We have served clients in St. John for over 30 years with all their jewelry repair and can help you too. Please stop by and see us at the store, or contact us online or give us a call at 219-663-5801. We will be happy to look at your jewelry that needs to be repaired.

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