Jewelry Repair in Northwest Indiana

Jewelry Repair in Northwest Indiana Keeps Your Pieces Beautiful

Jewelry is all about sparkle, shine, love and tradition. At Brad’s Designs & Jewelry, our team has been part of the Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland communities for more than 30 years. Jewelry celebrates all of the special moments in life: marriage, anniversaries, birthdays and babies. We will help guide you through the process to create a unique piece that is just right for your gift of love. One-of-a-kind jewelry begins with your story. We will listen carefully and pull out what is the core of your love for your family member or friend.

Jewelry Repair, Cleaning Available in Northwest Indiana

If you wear your precious ring or necklace every day, it is exposed to dirt, grime and the potential for damage. Scratches can build up just from normal wear and tear. Jewelry should be evaluated often to keep it going as long as possible. Take a moment every couple weeks to really look at your top items to see if there are any scratches, build-up of grime or loose stones. At Brad’s, we can help with any of these issues. Our repair service is a commitment to fix your jewelry and get it back on your finger as soon as possible. 

We can assist you with a range of services, including replacing a broken clasp; fixing, securing or retipping prongs that keep stones in place; stone replacement; cleaning; resizing rings; soldering chains or rings; and repair watches.

Jewelry Repair Available and More in Northwest Indiana

When you work with us on putting together a new and fresh piece of jewelry, we first begin with a conversation. What occasion is it for? What loved one is it going to? How is this jewelry going to be special? How will it be gifted to the receiver? We feel that the story behind the jewelry is part of creating it and making it unique, no matter if it is a bracelet, ring, necklace or earrings. We want to truly be inspired by you before we begin your design process. We also hope that you will be by our side during this procedure. If you have photos, sketches or anything visual of what you have in mind, that is very helpful.

Next up, we draw a sketch of what we want to make for you. We will not move on to the next phase until you are 100 percent on board. A wax carving will bring to life our idea off of the paper and in 3D. We do our carvings by hand or with our machine. The casting is next in whatever material you have selected. Our fabrication is completed by hand as well as our setting of your selected stone.

Jewelry Repair in Northwest Indiana Needs an Expert Hand

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