Hobart Jewelry Repair

Hobart Jewelry Repair

Jewelry is some of the most special and sentimental items in our lives. Unfortunately, over time our favorite piece of jewelry can begin to show signs of wear and tear or even get damaged. If this happens to you, the dedicated team at Brad’s Designs & Jewelry are here to assist in fixing up your piece and getting back to looking brand new! Contact us today for expert Hobart jewelry repair.

What We Offer

There are many different parts to the various pieces of jewelry we handle. From fine stones in rings to the clasps that secure your bracelet or necklace, each part needs special care and attention. That is why our jewelry store offers a wide range of repair services, including:

  • Securing, fixing, and retipping the prongs that secure your stones
  • Replacing broken clasps and stones
  • Cleaning
  • Soldering
  • Resizing

In addition to repair services, we also offer regular maintenance on your pieces. Having your jewelry regularly maintained helps to ensure the longevity of your piece and keeps it looking beautiful for years to come. Our team will clean and polish metals and stones, check the prongs to ensure your jewels are secure. We also always provide expert at-home maintenance best-practice tips to keep your piece looking beautiful in between in-store maintenance.

Why Choose Brad’s Designs & Jewelry for Hobart Jewelry Repair

Brad has been providing Hobart jewelry repair and design services for over thirty years, so he knows his way around a diamond or watch face. Since our team has experience designing and hand-crafting jewelry, we know how to repair and replace all pieces and materials. We specialize in a variety of metals, including platinum, gold, and silver. No matter if your ring is missing a diamond, or the clasp has broken on your favorite bracelet, we are here to help you.

Other Services We Offer

The team at Brad’s Designs & Jewelry does more than just Hobart jewelry repair. Brad is a master jewelry designer with a passion for bringing his client’s dream piece to life through custom jewelry crafting. He takes your ideas and inspiration and turns them into a tangible design that you can see and feel before it is turned into the real thing. Creating a custom jewelry piece is a very personal craft, which is why Brad includes each client in the entire process, from consultation to setting. 

Brad’s Designs & Jewelry also sells and repairs watches as well as purchases your unwanted gold pieces. Each piece of gold we purchase is recycled into a brand new treasure, giving your once beloved piece another chance at life.

Call Brad’s Designs & Jewelry Today for Expert Hobart Jewelry Repair

Don’t let beloved necklace sit in the back of your jewelry box with a broken clasp! Bring it Brad’s Designs & Jewelry. Our Crown Point-based jewelry store offers the best Hobart jewelry repair for the best price. Since we live and breathe jewelry, we know how emotionally and sentimentally valuable each piece is, so we treat your jewelry with the utmost care and respect. Contact us today to learn more about our services, including jewelry repair, design, and purchasing.

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