Gold Buyers in Lake County

Gold Buyers in Lake County

Finding quality gold buyers in Lake County is important when looking to sell your old gold jewelry pieces. At Brad’s Designs & Jewelry, we have the experience and skills needed to fairly price your gold and give you the best offer around. Contact us today to learn more about our gold-buying process and our custom design work.

What Our Gold Buyers in Lake County Purchase

Gold is a highly malleable, highly sought-after metal that is used to create a number of unique jewelry pieces. Because of this, our gold buyers in Lake County purchase a wide selection of gold jewelry pieces. We take more than just your traditional wedding band! Sell all your gold pieces to Brad’s Designs & Jewelry, including:

  • Earrings
  • Bracelets
  • Necklaces
  • Watches
  • Broaches
  • Broken gold jewelry
  • Gold chains
  • Mismatched gold earrings

How to Sell Your Gold at Brad’s Designs & Jewelry

Our gold buyers in Lake County make selling your unused and unwanted gold jewelry pieces easy and stress-free. Our experienced gold buying professionals evaluate your gold jewelry and price based on weight and purity. When we look for purity, we are looking specifically at how many karats your gold piece is. Gold jewelry is often mixed with other precious metals to increase durability and lower the price, so it is important to look at what and how much of another metal is in your piece. This allows us to price your gold accurately and fairly.

What Brad’s Designs & Jewelry Does With Your Gold

When you sell your old gold jewelry pieces to our gold buyers in Lake County, you are giving your piece a second chance at life. Since custom jewelry is what we specialize in, we melt your old, unused gold jewelry pieces and reuse them in future clients’ custom jewelry. Your unwanted gold bracelet or earrings could help someone’s custom engagement ring or specially designed birthday gift come to life!

More Than Just Gold Buyers in Lake County

Gold buying is just a fraction of what we do here at Brad’s Designs & Jewelry. We are a full-service jewelry shop located in Crown Point who offers custom-designed jewelry pieces. From engagement rings to custom earrings, Brad can help you create a one-of-a-kind accessory that you are sure to cherish for years to come. Not looking for a custom piece of jewelry but want a high-quality wristwatch? We can help! Brad’s Designs & Jewelry also carries a range of beautiful by designers Bulova and BERING. Simply ask a member of our team to help you find the perfect watch for you or a loved one!

Whether you’re looking for quality gold buyers in Lake County or want to create a unique custom jewelry piece for someone you love, Brad’s Designs & Jewelry can help you out. From design to fabrication and even repairs, Brad’s is your one-stop-shop for all of your jewelry needs. Call, visit our Crown Point location, or complete our online contact form to learn more about how are gold buyers in Lake County can help you stash a little extra cash in your pocket!

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