Engagement Rings in Chesterton

Engagement Rings in Chesterton

When you’ve finally decided to pop the question, you can choose just about anywhere to do it. Maybe you pick a spot that is significant to you and your loved one; maybe you’ll take him or her out to a classy restaurant, or perhaps you’ll just come out and ask. Ultimately, the choice is yours. However, you end up deciding to ask that most important question, you’ll need something before you can go through with it: a ring! At our jewelry design store, we can help you create a unique ring for your relationship, picking the perfect gem or jewel as a centerpiece, and the right metal to make it shine! Talk to Brad’s Designs & Jewelry about our ring creation services, and learn more about the finest engagement rings in Chesterton today!

Our Ring Creation Process

We understand that deciding to propose is perhaps the most important decision of your life so far, and with that in mind, we want you to have the perfect ring to illustrate the occasion. To help you get the right ring for the right person, we have an intricate design process.

  • Consultation: before we can begin crafting your ring, we need to know what you have in mind. To accomplish this, we like to sit down and discuss your ideas, helping you draft a blueprint for your perfect ring with our experienced design team. We will also be able to offer you an initial estimate, based on the materials you would like to use, and the size and intricacy of your piece.
  • Design: though we have already begun brainstorming for your ring, this is where we really dig into the possibilities of your piece of jewelry. Our creative team has been designing rings for decades, and we’ll come up with initial designs for your engagement rings in Chesterton, encouraging you to participate throughout the process and give your input. Once you’re satisfied with your ring’s design, we’ll move on to the next step.
  • Wax Carving – At Brad’s Designs & Jewelry we know people change their minds, come up with new ideas, and get cold feet. With an event as important as engagement, this is no surprise, and we’ve seen too many individuals who painstakingly design or select their rings, only to be unhappy with the design once they buy the ring. With this in mind, we’ve pioneered a wax-molding technique which results in a perfect model of your future ring. That way, you can physically hold your ring in hand, noting any design choices you may want to be fixed before we cast the final product.
  • Casting/Fabrication – Once you’re satisfied with the model of your ring, we’ll get on to the actual creation process. Our rings use silver, gold and platinum — or a mixture of these materials — or metal, letting you create the shine that brings out your partner’s personality best. Our team then fabricates the ring by hand.
  • Setting – With the body of your ring created, we’ll need to ornament it with a stone (or stones), putting its beauty over the top. Going off the design you’ve already seen, we set your ring with the stones of your choice. As with the ring’s fabrication, this process is completed entirely by hand.

Create Your Engagement Rings in Chesterton Today!

If you are interested in participating in this tried-and-true ring creation process, get in touch with our jewelry experts at Brad’s today. You can reach us at our Northwest Indiana location by calling or leaving us a message online. Otherwise, stop by and speak with one of our jewelry experts today, or browse our selection of pre-made engagement rings in Chesterton today!

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