Dyer Custom Necklace Designer

Dyer Custom Necklace Designer

There is no better way to express your love and appreciation than the gift of fine jewelry. When you work with the Dyer custom necklace designer at Brad’s Designs & Jewelry, you’ll get a piece that is guaranteed to deliver a “wow” moment. Call or visit us today to discuss the piece you have in mind and begin the exciting design process.

Differences Between Mass-Produced and Custom Pieces

There are significant differences between mass-produced jewelry and custom pieces. Everything from personal value to cost to quality is impacted depending on which type of piece you own. Some of the most significant differences between mass-produced jewelry and the pieces crafted by our Dyer custom necklace designer include:

  • Production: Mass-produced jewelry pieces are just that – mass-produced. There is little to no personalized attention given to mass-produced pieces. Most, if not all, mass-produced jewelry is sent through the motions of production with little to no personal contact. Workers in an assembly line often produce many pieces in an hour and do not have time for a quality check after each step like you get with custom jewelry. When you commission a unique piece of jewelry, you have one highly skilled craftsman, or sometimes a small team of experts, work with your piece; no assembly line required.
  • Details: When you have a custom piece of jewelry made, you can hide intricate and meaningful details within the piece to surprise whoever is receiving it. Custom pieces give you the freedom to mix and match stones and metals, as well as add personalized engravings.
  • Uniqueness: Mass-produced pieces are popular for a reason – you see them everywhere, and they follow current jewelry and fashion trends. That means if you purchase a mass-produced piece, you’re likely going to be wearing the same ring, necklace, or earrings as thousands of others. When you choose custom, you truly get a one-of-a-kind piece that is only for you. And, if you get a custom piece created for someone else, it really shows how much you love and understand them.
  • Quality: Since custom pieces get that individual attention that mass-produced pieces don’t receive, the quality is substantially higher. At Brad’s Designs & Jewelry, Brad spends the time to ensure that each piece he is creating is of the highest quality and that each customer will be delighted with the final product.
  • Cost: One of the biggest differences you’ll see between custom and mass-produced jewelry pieces the price. Since mass-produced jewelry is often designed, produced, and sent to realtors all at one time, there is a higher up-front expense to create the pieces. There are many hands that the jewelry has to pass through, from the initial designers to production team members to retailers. Your mass-produced jewelry will have lived an entire life before it gets to your hands.

Speak With a Dyer Custom Necklace Designer Today

When you’re looking to deliver an impactful gift to a loved one, turn to the Dyer custom necklace designer at Brad’s Designs & Jewelry. Brad works diligently with clients across Northwest Indiana to create beautiful custom designs that perfectly depict their stories. Call or message Brad today to begin sharing your inspiration.

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