Dyer Custom Jewelry

Dyer Custom Jewelry Makes a Bold Statement

There are certain moments and occasions in life that stand out in our memories and are especially important. These types of milestones need a bold and beautiful gift – something that matches what is being celebrated. Our team at Brad’s Designs & Jewelry can help you create a handcrafted and customized gift of jewelry that will shine as a beacon of a special time in your loved one’s life. Our crew can help you with the design process and ideas if you are not sure what you are hoping to create. We work with all types of metals and precious stones and can put together a set of earrings, a ring, bracelet or necklace. We are proud to be part of our Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland communities for more than 30 years and counting.

Dyer Custom Jewelry Launches With a Conversation

While some of our clients are ready to go and have an idea, some need additional coaching and guidance. That is why we always begin the custom jewelry design process with the personal touch of a conversation. The consultation is vital to understanding the “why” behind the gift, which truly guides the unique aspect of your jewelry. There is definitely inspiration to be uncovered to help us put together a custom gift. After we talk and have an idea of what you want, we will begin designing your jewelry. If you are artsy and have a sketch, we would love to see it! If you are inspired by a picture or another jewelry item, you should show us all of these too. Our design will be reworked until you are totally happy with it and give us the thumbs-up.

Next, we will begin to give your idea a shape as we create a wax carving of your item. We will use both the technology of our machine along with the craftsmanship of our experienced hands. We still complete many of our design steps by hand as a way to preserve what makes custom jewelry custom. If you are happy with the carving, it is time to cast your gift in the metal or metals that you have chosen. These are typically gold, silver and platinum. Now it’s time to complete all of the fabrication by hand. The stones are the final component that goes in place.

Dyer Custom Jewelry and More

At Brad’s, we want your jewelry to last your lifetime and beyond. We can help you with the maintenance and any needed repairs down the road. We can clean your jewelry and keep an eye out for any potential issues on a regular basis to help your pieces look their best. Among our repair services are replacing broken clasps, replacing lost stones, soldering chains or rings and securing your jewels through a retipping of prongs.

Dyer Custom Jewelry Created By Hand 

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