Custom Jewelry in Porter County

Custom Jewelry in Porter County

Jewelry holds a unique spot in our lives. We often covet our expensive metals and stones, yet the price tag doesn’t always define what makes a piece of jewelry truly special to us. For many of us, our jewelry tells a particular story, returning us to a time or place in our lives when we received the jewelry, helping us remember those who we inherited the piece from, or who gave it to us as a gift. In this sense, jewelry always has a unique thumbprint and this can be accentuated through a unique and memorable design. Brad’s Designs and Jewelry takes this concept to the next level, helping our clients create custom jewelry in Porter County. Whether you want to treat yourself, or you have a particular loved one in mind, we can work with you through the steps of our design process, planning, designing and creating a piece that brings your story to life, and will capture your many happy memories.

Why Design Your Jewelry?

There are many advantages to designing jewelry for yourself or a loved one. First and foremost, this process puts the design in your hand. At Brad’s, we understand that no one knows the recipient of the ring better than you do, and we’re happy to take more of an advisory role throughout the process. Of course, whenever you need suggestions, our team has been creating compelling and beautiful pieces for many years, and we’re happy to offer our expert advice. Whichever way you prefer, we’re happy to accommodate, and our process is tried and true, helping create many pieces of custom jewelry in Porter County.

When you contrast all of this with the larger-scale jewelry retailers, there’s no contest. For these stores, they churn out hundreds or thousands of replica rings, necklaces, earrings and other pieces every day. These carbon-copy designs might seem compelling at first, but they cannot compare with the handcrafted and unique designs of your creation.

Our Process

Though we’ve mentioned out process a couple of times, you may be wondering what all goes into it. After all, jewelry is expensive, intricate and complex; how can you – with presumably little experience in the field – be expected to help design your own jewelry? Luckily, we’ve worked to make the process as approachable as possible, especially for those with no prior experience. Here’s how it works.

First, we will sit down with you and chat about the piece, who it is for, and what tones, emotions and stories you would like to evoke. For instance, you might be designing a necklace for your girlfriend, who has a bright, friendly personality. In this case, we might discuss the best colors and shapes to evoke her wonderful disposition, such as an intricate platinum pendant – whose slight curling design and colors bring out a sense of warmth and openness. Once we’ve drawn up all the diagrams and blueprints, you can make any adjustments according to your vision. Even after this, we create a wax replica of the piece, showing you the exact proportions and giving you the opportunity to turn the piece over in your hands and examine every minute detail before it’s too late to go back

Then we build your ring. At Brad’s Designs and Jewelry, people know us for our custom jewelry in Porter County, and our reputation is well-earned. Our careful and methodical approach doesn’t end with the design process, as we take the time to fabricate your piece and set the stone by-hand as well. By the time we finish, you can expect a piece of jewelry wholly unlike any other in the world.

Contact Us

If you would like to take part in our intricate design process, reach out to Brad’s Designs and Jewelry at your earliest convenience. We’re a team of dedicated jewelers, and our small shop has been providing custom jewelry in Porter County for decades. Speak with Brad himself to learn more about our design process, or browse our selection of pre-made rings, necklaces and other jewelry to see if one catches your eye. We look forward to meeting you!

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