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Custom Jewelry Designer Near Me Puts Passion into Pieces

Brad has been creating unique jewelry tailored to his customers for more than 30 years. At Brad’s Designs and Jewelry, rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets are more than just adornment. Jewelry is a personal expression and a way to tell stories that connect us to our past and family. The team enjoys working side by side with customers in order to really get to know the individual and design a piece that reflects exactly what they are looking for and the tale they are seeking to convey. 

Custom Jewelry Designer Near Me Builds Relationships

From Day One, we hope you feel that we are seeking to work with you and build a bond that will last throughout the years. As a jewelry designer, we take our craft very seriously and feel that our work shines and sparkles with our years of experience. No matter if you are wanting an engagement ring, anniversary bracelet or birthday earrings, we can help guide you through the process to craft a unique gift that will fit its recipient and bring joy for years and years.

Unfortunately, your jewelry can take a beating when it is worn all of the time. That is why we are committed to repairing items quickly with care to get them back to you as soon as we can. We can help with a variety of jewelry repair services such as replacing clasps that have broken, replacing stones, resizing rings and retipping prongs or fixing and securing them as needed. 

Custom Jewelry Designer Near Me Takes a Step-By-Step Approach

With the goal of designing your unique and beautiful piece of jewelry, we take an approach to the process that will include you along the way. We begin by listening to you and absorbing the details of what you hope to see at the end. We want you to be part of our team to create your jewelry. Your ideas are what ignite our creative process. You can bring in visuals such as other jewelry or pictures of what you want. When we feel that we understand your idea, we will sketch out what we plan to do and can go back to the drawing board if you are not completely satisfied.

Next, a wax carving is created, so that you can start to see in 3-D what your piece will look like. We use a special machine or do this by hand. After the wax creation, we cast your jewelry item in your chosen material and do any fabrication by hand. Setting is the final piece of the puzzle, and we unite science and art to secure your precious stones into your new piece.

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