Custom Jewelry Designer Near Valparaiso

Inspired Beauty Behind Custom Jewelry Designer near Valparaiso

For more than 30 years, Brad’s Designs & Jewelry has partnered with clients to create personal pieces of work that tell a story. Brad continues to have a passion for design and an eye for beauty. He believes that rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets are not just items to be worn, but a way to bring dreams to life with sparkle and add an artistic element to your everyday life. Brad can make your piece and also repair any issues that may happen later in the jewelry item’s life, as he strives to maintain a long-lasting relationship with his clients and their family members. He has a strong knowledge base of precious metals, diamonds, and gemstones that translates into gorgeous pieces that can be worn with pride and passed down to the next generation.

Custom Jewelry Designer near Valparaiso Takes it Step by Step

With the end-goal in mind of an exquisite piece of jewelry, we work through a deliberate process that will take you on a journey into the world of jewelry design and creation. We began with a conversation to fully understand what you want in your jewelry and how you hope to showcase your ideas. We translate your inspiration into a creation and welcome your input as part of the design phase of the process. A sketch will allow you to see for the first time how we envision your final product. 

A final step in design is making a 3-D wax carving that will let you see your piece before it is completed in precious metals and stones. We will not move forward until your final approval. Now, it is time for casting in the metal of your choice: platinum, gold or silver. Our fabrication process is completed by hand for a superior level of craftsmanship. The setting is also done by hand with your chosen stones put into place by an expert and professional hand.

Repairs By Your Custom Jewelry Designer near Valparaiso

Worn day in and day out, jewelry can break down and become damaged. We bring a delicate and expert touch to fixing any issues with your rings, earrings, necklaces, or bracelets. We can work on putting in new clasps, examine and repair prongs, replace stones or repair watches. Other services include cleaning your jewelry pieces as well as resizing rings that no longer fit properly.

Maintaining jewelry can help it last even longer. We can help you keep a close eye by examining all components during our maintenance services. We will clean your stones and metals, double-check prongs that keep your stones in place and polish everything until it sparkles and shines and looks like new. 

Custom Jewelry Designer near Valparaiso Tells Your Story

We are ready to begin the next chapter in your personal jewelry story. Connect with us through our online contact form with any questions.

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