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Five Reasons to Shop for Jewelry in Person, Not Online

As a tech-connected society, we can buy literally everything online – from cars and furniture to clothes and groceries. While there are many areas of our lives that have been helped by online shopping, there are some purchases that are still done best in person. One is buying a special piece of jewelry for your loved one. 

Check out why visiting our store in the Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana region is still the best way to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, graduation and any special occasion.

1. While pictures can give you a glimpse into what something looks like, it can be hard to really see what a necklace or ring is truly like unless you can see it up close and personal. With lighting, photoshopping and presentation done in a studio, the jewelry may not look the same in real life as it is represented in a photo. No picture can replace the hands-on experience of holding and trying on a potential purchase.

2. Online jewelry websites are faceless. At Brad’s Designs & Jewelry, our owner, Brad Belush, is behind the expertise that is available at our shop. He has years of experience in the field and a passion for helping every person who walks through the door. He can answer your questions and be a personal expert.

3. Unfortunately, online can mean scams. In order to not fall into a trap of purchasing something that is not what is represented, it is best to see what you are buying first-hand. There are countless scam sites and fake jewelry out in the world. Do not become a victim. Come out and shop at our store.

4. If you are purchasing a possible heirloom jewelry piece, how wonderful is it to have a story to go along with it. You can pass along that it was a sentimental hands-on process that you went through with our owner and team to create a customized jewelry piece. We will begin with a conversation on what you are celebrating and who the gift is for. This will help lead us along the path to either what we have available or to putting together a tailored ring, necklace, bracelet or earrings for your loved one.

5. Browsing online for such a personal piece can cause you to get in a rut and fall into the old standby of what you always purchase. Jewelry should be fun and exciting and sparkle with your personality. By being in person to shop for or create a new piece, you can really look at what is available out there and walk out with the perfect present for you or your loved one.

Our Team is Here for Your Jewelry Shopping

Remember when shopping was fun? We can make it that way again by helping you with your jewelry purchase. If you have any questions, connect with our team anytime via our online contact form.

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Choosing the Right Gemstone for Your Jewelry Gift

Anytime you give jewelry as a gift, you can expect smiles and hugs for sure! If you are hoping to not only create a custom piece, but also put some real thought into your stone selection, check out some of our ideas as a way to inspire your next gift.

Sparkle matches everything: Diamonds are always a top choice that will surely cause squeals of happiness to whoever receives your gift. These white and clear stones are set off by their consistent shine, sparkle and ability to match anything in your loved one’s wardrobe. Diamonds are always a classic option that will be a great selection for your jewelry’s stone.

A favorite color: If you are hoping to go beyond just sparkle and want some color, blue can be a fabulous choice and it continues to be a favorite color for precious stones. Lighter colors as seen in topaz and aquamarine can offer a subtle touch of color that will be a complement to any of your settings, whether it is in a ring, bracelet or necklace.

Feminine touch: If you are hoping to add a touch of femininity, we suggest purple stones over pink selections. Your younger family members will cherish a piece of jewelry that shines with the power of purple. Amethyst is a great way to add the punch of color to any type of jewelry.

Dark and light: When you want to bring a sense of sophistication to your earrings, necklace, ring or bracelet, then you can opt for a more matte stone. Two great choices that are on the opposite sides of the color spectrum are pearls and blank onyx. Both add a unique sense of style that any loved one will love.

Custom is The Best Way to Celebrate

At Brad’s Designs & Jewelry, we have decades of hands-on experience creating custom jewelry that has brought joy to countless community members in our region. We strive to make the process painless and personal as we will guide you the whole way. We begin with a consultation to learn more about you and what you are celebrating. We will sketch out any design and work with you directly to bring your own personal gift to life with our innovation and craftsmanship. We can help you decide on material and stone selection if you are on the fence on any decisions. You will see your sketch come to life through a wax carving all before we fabricate your piece and put in your stones by hand. Your piece will tell your story.

As time goes by, we are ready to keep your jewelry maintained and clean through our additional services. If something happens or issues pop up, bring your jewelry to us for an inspection and repair services

We are ready to see you! Contact us through our online contact form.

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How is Custom Jewelry Created?

Custom jewelry can truly bring your story to life. Whether you are seeking to create an heirloom piece for a loved one’s birthday or if you are getting ready to pop the question, a custom piece will signify more than just the occasion. A custom necklace, ring, bracelet and earrings represent the unique side of your relationship and love for the person you are celebrating with a tailored gift.

Custom jewelry is crafted by our jewelers at Brad’s Designs & Jewelry through a process that typically follows this path.

  • Talk to us: First and foremost, creating custom pieces has to begin with a conversation that allows you to talk about your loved one, the special milestone and what you have in your mind’s eye. Our team wants to hear your story, ideas and what you want incorporated into your gift. We will guide you on realistic expectations and what materials and stones may work best for wearability.
  • Visual element: Bringing your ideas and feelings into reality is the goal of the design portion of the process. Here, we welcome your own sketches, pictures or examples. If you have an heirloom piece that you are hoping to recreate or update, let us take a look. Sketching out your ideas on paper also allows us to see if we are capturing what you want.
  • Spring to life: A wax carving brings out your unique piece of jewelry into 3D. This part of the process is when you can really feel how your final piece will turn out. Crafting a wax carving can be completed by hand or with an innovative machine. No matter which way it is wrapped up, your wax carving will give way to your final piece in the metal of your choosing.
  • Casting and fabrication: Your custom jewelry piece will be cast in gold, platinum, silver or a combination of these options. Here is where your initial idea comes to life. Our fabrication component is old-school and done by hand. By handcrafting your jewelry, we are creating something that is 100 percent one-of-a-kind and unique to you and your loved one.
  • Final touches: If you have opted to have any stones as part of your jewelry, then that is the final step in creating a custom designed piece of jewelry. Our specialists will do this by hand keeping alive the timeless traditions of crafting special and treasured pieces.

We Want to Hear Your Story Today

Once your piece is complete, our team is happy to help maintain it through cleanings and inspections. If you have other jewelry items that need repairs, our designers can assist with that as well. We can resize rings, repair watches, replace lost stones, solder chains or rings, secure and retip the prongs that keep your jewels in place or replace broken clasps. If you are looking to start the custom jewelry design process, reach out to our team through our online contact form

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Why Gold Jewelry is Making a Comeback

The sparkle and shine of gold jewelry are behind why gold has endured as a jewelry component for years and years. Gold was first celebrated in ancient times for its rarity and of course, beauty. It was actually used to create jewelry even before it was made into money. 

Check out some of the reasons why gold jewelry will always shine:

Elegance and sophistication: Gold is a classic color and embodies a well-known look for all pieces of jewelry from rings to necklaces. It really can complement almost all stones and settings and serves as a foundation for beauty that will last for years to come.

Durability: Gold jewelry is easier to care for than silver as it does not really tarnish and does not require polishing in the same way that silver pieces do. It is also a hearty metal that can stand up to daily wear and tear in jewelry.

Heirloom pieces: As gold has been a key part of the industry for decades and decades, you will often find heirloom pieces made of gold, and they will continue to be passed down for future generations. Beautiful gold jewelry will always be celebrated for its sentimental value by children and grandchildren. 

Mixed metals: Gold is often blended with other metals, such as nickel, zinc or copper to help it be more durable and long-lasting. The more pure gold that a piece contains, the softer the gold will be.

Different options: Gold is available in a variety of colors and tones to match your loved one’s skin tone, style and occasion that you are celebrating. Yellow gold is a timeless look that has been mainstream off and on for decades. Rose gold is an example of a modern and stylish take on gold. The color is created through mixing gold and other metal alloys. 

All about style: No matter what color, gold is a timeless look that has endured for thousands of years, and it will be around for many, many more.

A Custom Piece Can Speak Volumes

At Brad’s Designs & Jewelry, our team can help you tell your love story through a unique and customized creation. We can help you decide on what metal and color may work best for your piece and represent your occasion. Our design process is a step-by-step path to putting together a new piece. We will use a blend of hands-on and innovative techniques as we put together your gift. You will work with us directly, so we know you are happy with the process and final piece. 

As time goes on, you may need repairs to your jewelry. Our team can help with repairs as well, including fixing broken clasps, retipping prongs that hold in stones and resizing rings. If you need any assistance with your jewelry, reach out to us through our online contact form.

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Wedding Band Trends for 2022

While the engagement ring gets all of the attention, your wedding bands are also an important pick and should encompass your style, love story and more! Your wedding bands symbolize your new bond as a married couple and can shine just as much as the engagement ring. 

Here are some trends for wedding bands in 2022 that can help guide your decision-making:

Mindful mining: As awareness of diamond sources becomes more prevalent, more couples are turning to lab-grown diamonds to be included in any setting. Ethical wedding rings are in the spotlight as the world understands how the traditional way of mining diamonds may not be environmentally friendly and how workers have been treated in countries across the world.

A rainbow of color: Couples are seeing colored stones as an alternative or addition to their wedding rings. It is a way to add flair and a uniqueness that goes beyond the sparkle of just diamonds.

Symbols of devotion: Along with selecting stones outside of diamonds, sapphires are having a moment. The stones are available in a range of hues and represent love and faithfulness. They tend to be affordable and durable to help stand the test of time to the daily wear and tear that rings face on your finger.

Togetherness: Clustering stones can add extra sophistication and more sparkle with a stronger impact. This trend allows for versatility, elegance and individuality.

A new shape: Oval is having a moment. Oval-cut stones tend to be less expensive than round and offer an elongated look and symmetrical shape. 

Complementary styles: While couples may focus on the engagement ring as the shining star, trending is making sure that the wedding band is paired properly and beautifully with the engagement ring. Thinking ahead to what the wedding rings will look like is an important part of the design and decision process when you are selecting your engagement ring.

What’s old is new: Just like other trends and styles, couples are embracing the look of vintage rings. A classic vintage ring is a beautiful way to embrace the past in the present. While some couples may search for an heirloom piece,  you can work on your own design and setting that represents a more heirloom look. 

Create Customized Wedding Bands to Celebrate Your Story

At Brad’s Designs & Jewelry, we work through a design process that will create a ring that will truly encapsulate your individual love story. We begin with a conversation to understand where you are coming from, and our team will sketch a design and have you along every step of the way to ensure it is exactly what you are hoping for. After your pieces are designed and created, we can assist with keeping them at their best through maintenance, cleaning and repairs. Connect with us through our online contact form if you have any questions.