5 Jewelry Myths Revealed

Your new favorite piece of jewelry is irritating your skin – Now what? Our team members at Brad’s Jewelry & Designs break down some of the myths related to jewelry, allergies, metal and irritation.

Myth 1: It’s fine to not clean your jewelry. In reality, your jewelry takes a beating! With dirt, sweat, lotion, sunscreen and skin oils, your rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings can be covered in gunk that can create a problem for those with sensitive skin. It is recommended that you thoroughly clean your jewelry every 3 to 4 months. We can help with a cleaning, maintenance and inspection plan at Brad’s. 

Myth 2: Gold is the problem. Pure gold is rarely the source of an allergy or irritation. It is more likely that the problem lies with an alloy that has been combined with the silver or gold in your piece. Nickel is often the most common metal allergen, but you may also being having symptoms from copper or brass. These are added as a way to reinforce the gold component as gold is a soft metal that can be scratched.

Myth 3: My old ring cannot be the problem. You can be having issues with a ring that has been on your finger for years! This is related to the metal allergens and your ring may have had its exterior plating worn off by time and use. These newly exposed metals may be prompting irritation. A solution is to have your ring dipped to fortify its exterior.

Myth 4: Clear fingernail polish is a good coating. Applying polish to your rings is not the answer. Your jewelry is an investment and you do not want to damage it with a quick fix. Let our team look at your ring if it is bothering your skin and we can help with a solution.

Myth 5: Swimming and showering with a ring on can keep it sparkling. You should always take your rings off when you are in the pool or hot tub or when you are showering. Chlorine can damage or discolor your ring. Or chemicals and gunk can get trapped between your ring and finger creating an area that may ignite an irritation.

We Can Create a New Piece

If you are ready for a brand new ring or want to surprise someone with a wonderful gift, talk to our team about our special design process. We will walk you through the whole thing to make sure that you are happy with your final piece of jewelry. We begin with a consultation to uncover your story and why you want to create a customized item. We will craft a design and won’t move on until you are happy with the sketch. We hope that you will be an integral part of the design process as it goes along. You can bring in pictures or your own sketches for inspiration. Reach out with questions through our online contact form

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